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There is a drink bar that surrounds the orgy bed, affectionately called the “blow job bar.” Around the corner from the fishbowl room is a stripper pole and you can enjoy the show from one of the two black couches nearby.

Across the aisle from the buffet line is a curtained-off room called the couples’ lounge. Inside, there are around eight play areas (mostly king beds) with sheer curtains in between each space.Every space is a play space (except for the buffet and dance floor), as long as you use towels or sheets underneath you.You must clean up your space by putting your linens in a hamper, and staff or volunteers come after you to disinfect any mattresses or surfaces and provide clean linens for the next guests.There is artwork along all of the walls, changed every month, to showcase local sex-positive, kink-positive and queer-positive artists.As you walk farther back on the first floor, there is a buffet.

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