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By clicking on the second button, you will download a ZIP archive containing the latest version of Word Press.You will then be able to create a new installation of Word Press or manually update your current installation (which is described below). If you click on the ‘Update Now’ button, Word Press will lead you to another page which will inform you of the progress: automatically, it will download the latest version, deactivate your plugins, replace the right files and reactivate your plugins.To use newly developed features or to prevent potential bugs or remove existing ones, you should be keeping things up to date.Updating Word Press core as well as your themes and plugins is important, and that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

If a problem occurs when you are updating your installation, Word Press can be broken and I’m sure that it’s not what you want!

There are thousands of plugins and themes publicly available on Word and other third party websites but installing a plugin, a theme, or even Word Press itself, is just the first step. Developers work hard on this CMS to provide us with a reliable platform and we can say the same thing for many of the plugins or themes available. Some of those are user errors, and can be avoided by making Word Press simpler for your users.

Some, though, are bugs that are introduced or discovered in your plugins or themes.

Updating Word Press itself is very important, as the CMS is victim of its success.

Used by millions of people around the world, Word Press is a good target: a single security hole can affect many websites.

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