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Earlier in the year I was living it up on the west coast of the US in San Francisco, so I couldn’t wait to connect with Sarah Jones, a dating expert who is based there.Sarah is one cool entrepreneur and relationship expert, who launched Introverted Alpha a couple of years ago (I’m in LOVE with the name of her company).You can keep refining each time so you get better and better at it. This conversation made us realise that we were both imagining our lives apart as opposed as together and so both of us got excited as we started planning our next chapter.My advice to guys who are thinking about breaking up with someone, is to first be honest and decide if you really want to break up with them or not. If you do, then find an elegant way of telling them that you can’t stay in the relationship and be the man you want to be. My motto is: founded Introverted Alpha to help smart introverted men attract women naturally.My typical clients are guys who are in their late 20’s.They look after their body, they might do yoga for example, they’re good looking but they don’t realise how attractive they are. Have the space you need to think clearly about how you feel about them, you’re less likely to get it wrong then.” it’s more like, “Well I’m clearly attractive, and I’m open exploring where this may go.” I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because if I don’t touch her at all or enough, she’ll just think of me as a friend, right?But if I touch her too much or at the wrong time, I’ll creep her out.

Before that point though, here are the fears racing through a lot of single introverted guys’ minds and my best tips on how to move through each: I’m afraid I’ll just be one of the other million guys hitting on her tonight.

I wish touch would just magically happen and that I could always know what to do! Here’s what to do: If chemistry feels like a foreign language, remember that it is just that: a LANGUAGE.

The great thing about a language is you can learn it!

I feel like my strengths of being a good listener, supportive, and loyal make me a good FRIEND, but not a good LOVER or BOYFRIEND. Here’s what to do: If you think about it, you know you do have some sex appeal in there somewhere, even if you have no idea what it is yet.

I look at the guys who are super bold with women and worry that’s what it takes to be sexually attractive. It’s important to go on that quest to find out what is sexually attractive about you because if you don’t know, how on earth will she?

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