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We always said that everything we do has to come from left field and find something unexpected at its center and with this partnership with John and Dan and their amazing team — 'Svalta' is the perfect project to do that," said Ketley, who is a former Fox Searchlight executive.

This year is extra special for Pegg and Frost as it marks the 20th anniversary of their partnership, which began way back in 1999 when they met on the set of the UK sitcom 'Spaced'.

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Bajie wants you to know that the third to the last episode of #intothebadlands starts in 30 minutes!

Pegg and Jessica Hynes wrote a role for Frost in the cult slacker comedy series Spaced that was partly based on Pegg and Frost's lifestyle at the time.

He appeared in corporate training video clips such as "Chris Carter and the Coverplan Challenge", a Dixons sales video, before playing Tim's army-obsessed best friend Mike in Spaced (1999–2001), which aired on Channel 4 for two series.

I know it’s boring to keep asking but it’s important! To their utter dismay, the locals appear to have no interest in helping the stranded family of tourists.The project is named after the fictional island on which the horror breaks loose.He also appeared in Joe Cornish's film Attack the Block (2011).He co-starred in the 2011 film Paul, which he co-wrote with his frequent collaborator and best friend Simon Pegg.

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