Who is lucinda bassett dating my christian daughter is dating a mormon

At first it struck me as odd, since the concept on paper was a lot like other pills the center typically railed against. I saw them for what they were: an expensive placebo. Yet there they were, and they were charging me extra for something I didn’t order or want.They weren’t anti-depressant-caliber pills like Prozac. The phone reps basically told me too bad, they had already charged my card and there were no refunds. So, the program to attack anxiety and depression simply made those things rage within me even worse than before.First, I found obituaries for Lucinda Bassett’s husband, David Bassett, co-principal of the self-help empire.

Still, I couldn’t help but find it sadly, painfully ironic that THIS GUY would end his own life.I ordered the so-called free trial in 2006 after seeing all the late-night TV infomercials with Lucinda Bassett, mastermind of the program. But overall, the program wasn’t even close to what I needed.I called the Midwest Center before the free trial period was up to tell them I’d be sending the tapes and DVDs back. They had already charged the card number I gave them. Meanwhile, I received a package of vitamins in the mail with ingredients designed to reduce stress and balance the brain chemistry.They advertise a ’30-day risk free trial’ for just .95, the so called ‘shipping/Handling charge’ (inflated as any typical infomercial ripoff), the hook being that the S/H charge is all you pay for the 30 day ‘trial period’.Then when you aren’t magically cured by this collection of cassette tape in 30 days, send it back with no obligation to pay the .00 a month that they bill your credit card for the next 6-7 months. They start ripping you off immediately with the inflated shipping charge and then start removing your money 30 days from the ORDER DATE which typically is 10-14 days BEFORE the 30 day trial period STARTS.

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It only means that you have more pain than you can cope with right now.” Continue Reading Leave a Comment Posted by Lucinda Bassett in Anxiety, Coach, Depression, Grief, Health, Illness, Loneliness, Loss, Lucinda Bassett, Mental Illness, Negative Thinking, Positive Thinking, PTSD, Relationships, Sadness, Sexual Abuse, Starting Over, Truth Be Told.

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