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Eventually, their situations improved and they could afford to go to better places. After Cone-Ripman school, she continued her education at Woodbrook school located in Beckenham.years in a Broadway show, she had to quit as a result of soreness developed in her voice.In fact, he had only seen her in Mary Poppins and apparently told friends she was “so sweet she probably has violets between her legs”. He put [the film] down at the beginning, maybe because he was a little nervous about doing a musical.Julie promptly sent him a bunch of purple flowers, which was terribly cheeky, but hey, this was the 1960s. That small appearance and everybody wanted to know you again. He was a legitimate Shakespearean actor and perhaps he thought it would do him harm.

By the time she was 10, Ted had also encouraged his inordinately talented stepdaughter – at the peak of its power, Julie’s voice had a four-octave range – onto the road, singing for returning troops.The romance was on, and isn’t it funny how life mirrors art? Suddenly, [the films] were released and it was an assault. The amazing thing is, after the Academy Awards, for the next three or four days, I couldn’t go anywhere. I had forgotten how hard that was.” Julie says she urged him to attend and he refused but, she says, “I accept it. He took a great gamble and now he says, ‘What an idiot I was to put it down.’” The two remain friends – “Oh my God, yes, indeed we do! It is getting better, but we are certainly not there.There was Julie playing a stepmother – Maria – who had to win over the von Trapp children on screen, and there was Julie thinking of ways to win over Blake’s two children in real life. And it was rarer [than today] because divorce was rarer and there was an idea that stepmothers must be wicked. ” “My basic feeling is that is not quite right,” she says, tactfully. When you are younger, you take what is handed to you.She would stand on an apple box to reach the microphone and audiences were enchanted. Many Kiwi children have grown up reciting the lyrics of Do-Re-Mi.It is a magnificent, if terribly sentimental, celebration of everyone’s favourite things: love, honour, family and courage. The film won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

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