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The thing is that some are perfectly hardy in Portland.

Because they're so temperamental, we focus on tender Amy is a heartbreaker.White flowers appear sporadically in summer.'James Stirling' grows in an upright anvil or vase shape to about 2' x 2'.Portland's USDA hardiness zone is Zone 8B, which means that temps don't usually go below 15F (of course we know it does get colder sometimes, but not often).The colours of Hebe flowers range from white through pink, blue, lilac and purple to bright crimsons.The leaves provide attractive year round foliage with different colours including silver and green, grey, violet, burgundy, bronze and red.

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Summer - Make sure that Hebes are watered - especially new plants. Autumn- Remove flowers from Hebe Shrubs once they start to fade. Plant out new Hebes ) is an easy to grow flowering evergreen shrub native to New Zealand and South America.

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