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The duo was photographed by David La Chapelle and featured in the 30-plus page special cover story for the fourth issue of the magazine called The Transformation Issue. They respect women, of course, but I don't like being told what a woman is—by a man or a woman.

The cover of the independent biannual magazine shows Polunin leaping over Anderson, who is covering her chest with a gold fan. Women who are sexy and make a difference; using your assets is smart. King Kong: In relation to patriarchal society, has your public persona ever made you feel insecure or question your worth, or have you always remained confident in yourself and in what you were doing? But I think it's also been an advantage as no one sees me coming. King Kong: Hugh Hefner has called you the Marilyn Monroe of your generation. Anderson: Well, that's an incredible compliment to me. King Kong: When did you decide to create the Pamela Anderson Foundation and do you intend for it to be your legacy?

Compiling old and new work, some of it previously unpublished, the books are teeming with very popular people (Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Whitney Houston) doing very unpopular things (standing nude in front of tanks, getting nosebleeds). But, looking through the volumes, I was surprised to discover that his pictures have aged well, perhaps because what seemed like surreal hyperbole five or ten years ago seems bluntly, embarrassingly honest today.

Two lustrous mannequins guard her, one gazing into a hand mirror.In a recent interview with the Guardian, he said that he’d needed to escape the “propaganda” embedded in his work.“I never wanted to shoot another pop star as long as I lived,” he said. Two hefty new books of La Chapelle’s photographs, “Lost Found Part I” and “Good News Part II,” are marked by that torment; he’s said that these will be his final publications.Read the full breakdown of how rich is David La Chapelle at Celebs Money and see interesting facts about David La Chapelle’s age and zodiac sign at Celebs Ages.David La Chapelle made his name by shooting celebrities colliding with consumer detritus: baubles, flowers, and fame recombining in delirious explosions of color.

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Stop everything, for Godney has dropped her first music video in over a year and you better believe this is a most splendid occasion. The "Make Me..." vid is up to its eyeballs in incredible stuff and I'm obsessed with all of it: Spears hits the camera with many a smoldering look, Spears wears many a gorgeous costume, Spears laughs many a beautiful laugh, Spears strikes many an exquisite pose, Spears hangs out with many a handsome man, and so on.

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