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These changes are happening in real time and this information is provided to drivers when they sync their device with their smartphones.The company believes in giving accurate information according to the location of the user.After a 1/2 hour or so, SOMETIMES it will start working for about 30 mins and then it stops working again. 14 emails later and countless hours of back and fourths they simply stopped communicating with me and now I am stuck with 2 of their GPS units that are broken and UN-usable. This is what they say "We suggest purchasing a brand new Magellan device that has all the latest technological advances, map updates, and full one-year warranty.A waste of money, a waste of time and pure disappointment in the product. Pretty much the same problem everyone else is having. One is 100% damaged beyond all repair due to one of their very own software updates and another arrive broken. This way, you’ll have a working device at your earliest convenience." HA HA. Why on earth would I even consider purchasing another Magellan when the 1st one didn't work. I purchased this GPS because it advertised a lifetime map upgrade.

The size of the mapping data is too great to be handled by the older hardware.

After reading several reviews it seems I am not the only one experiencing this lack of service. Contacted support and got this response: “Please note that your unit has the latest map version 61 installed.

Due to that, there will be no longer map update available for your unit.

If your Magellan GPS is behaving erratically, whether it fails to respond or update maps, or freezes, resetting it reboots the device to restore normal operations.

The more you use your GPS, the greater likelihood that it will run into minor problems, so performing a reset is necessary.

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