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Third, the 2x0 has no dopey menu animations, which I sincerely appreciate. Fourth, there's nothing in the newer models that I would find useful. Since you have an older unit, you only have to do it once.It's totally true that the older nuvi 200 is a dirt simple satnav, but assuming it works like it should (which I hope it does, given it's used,) it will get the job done in fine style. If the battery doesn't hold a charge, see next tip. If the battery is stone dead and won't hold a charge, replace it The internal battery on the nuvi is easy to replace and they are readily available and cheap (usually under 9 bucks, depending on model.) There are also plenty of You Tube videos that show you step-by-step how to replace the battery on a nuvi.

It rarely complains and I can confirm that it is reliable.However, being I use GPS so much, I need a proper backup, so here are my adventures with that.I bought one of these 6 months ago for use as a backup and for nostalgic reasons, given my first Garmin satnav was an i3 and the i5 is very similar to it.Recommended Links If you don’t own a Garmin Nuvi, but just want general information on automobiles, then please click here for the latest car news.It's been a little over 3 years since I bought this thing. Let's talk about that, what the best older nuvi models are, and how to keep the map data current with free stuff.

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