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I either get "File does not Exist" or "Invalid filename/Path". The most reliable method I have found to link an image to a report record is to create a cursor for the image path or a field in the report cursor that will be populated with the full path to an actual graphic file (JPEG, BMP, whatever).

I think I'm missing something obvious that my 79 year old brain can't figure out. You then add an OLE/image field to the report format and it's control source is a 'File' with the value of the 'File' being the cursor data field that contains the path to the graphic file.

I still won't use blob when the data is native VFP data.

When the fpt corrupts, you lose ALL of the image data.

Running the report now takes three steps: opening the table (perhaps also done in the report dataenvironment), creating the variable Image1, then calling Report Form... Put the individual's JPG images into their own JPG files and store them in some directory(s) on your system and then put the fully pathed filename into the individual's data record(s) so that they can be located by your application.

The Report Form Image object refers to a I disagree, blob is not the enemy.

Blob fields are not having the problems you describe, dan. Eg simply before calling REPORT FORM you create an image object via Image1 = Create Object("Image")In the report ole/picture control in the general tab you set:1.

control source type: check "expression or variable name"2. if source and frame are different sizes "scale contents, retain shape"In the detail band, which contains the Ole/Image report control, open the properties general tab of that detail band and in "run expresseion", "on entry" enter: EXECSCRIPT("Image1.

This kind of service is available at considerable cost from professional photographers/directory producers.

Printing with much more dpi the picture is scaled to milimeter sizes and becomes invisible.

So step 3 of the properties setting of the Ole/Picture controls ensures you see something at all.

You could build the Report Form to always 'look' for that image file in a fixed location and it would always have the same fixed file name.

The your VFP code could use the individual's data to determine where the specific picture file was located and SELECT *; FROM Person Table; WHERE Person ID = 12345; INTO CURSOR This Person* --- Determine Individual's JPG File Location & Name ---SELECT This Personc JPGFile = ALLTRIM(This Person.

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If it could be done in VFP 9.0 as outlined above it would be a fantastic USP and save churches tons of cash. Any suggestions One way comes quickly to mind, but it seems somewhat 'kludgy'.

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