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“They say they quit the Russian networks and do not want to use them anymore.” The network is gaining popularity rather quickly.More than 64,000 people have become its users since the beginning of April when it was launched.Internet communications expert Maksym Savanevsky believes that there is no need in a Ukrainian social network at all. To register in, one requires an invitation and electronic key which is a digital code made to reduce the number of fake pages – these are the precautions the website developers had to take due to ongoing hacker attacks.“Now we get more than 3,000 new users a day,” says Oliyarchuk.Since 2007 when it was launched its audience has reached more than 64 million users.

They included VKontakte (VK) and Odnoklassniki, the two most widely used social networks in Ukraine;, one of the country’s most popular email services; and Yandex, a major search engine.

ua, launched in 2009, failed to gain popularity among Ukrainians despite setting its aims as “to develop patriotic spirit, promote Ukrainian language, its culture and history.” Another Ukrainian social network – – has Russian interface only.

It is popular mostly among Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

If you’re too shy or busy to make the first step and chat with a lady you like on a social network, Ukrainian dating app Likeapp can do this for you.

Designed by a team from Dnipro (Dnepr), the application will help you “find a girl you like and invite her for a cup of coffee” via VKontakte, the largest social network in Russian-speaking countries.

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