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Ukrainians are almost always able to spot foreigners just from their clothes, which often display individualism through colors or unique design, whereas Ukrainians prefer gray and dark clothing to fit in with everyone else.

It is common for newly formed friends to invite each other over their house.

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These questions could be considered intrusive by many, but they are normal in Ukraine.

They may include inquires about salaries, political orientation, religious orientation and similar.

Ukraine also instills strong emphasis on respecting the elders, so one is expected to give up seats to elderly people in the metro, especially if they are veterans of World War II.If you invite women on a date – you are expected to pay.The ‘Dutch’ approach to dating in Ukraine is not understood at all.Ukrainians typically have low level of respect for authorities or police.This is mainly result of 70 years under communism, where police and people in government roles had ability to earn great living through bribes or other dishonest means.

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To a large degree the situation is similar in present time.

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