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Some marriages thrive after an affair; others wither away. To find out, don’t make a snap or impulse decision about your future.One of the worst things to do when you don’t trust your husband is to make decisions that put you at a disadvantage (eg, moving out of the house and letting him stay).We also understand you may be concerned about your privacy.You are not required to submit any information that makes you uncomfortable.

Another helpful resource for women who don’t trust their partners is These tips are inspired by a reader who doesn’t know if she should stay married. “Since then I’m trying to grapple with the reality of a cheating husband, whether or not I want to stay in the relationship and if so, how to work towards a better marriage.“I noticed that he had texted a specific number over 200 times over the last two weeks.When I confronted him about it, he played it off like no big deal. He then told me he and a much younger friend met a couple of girls at a bar and my husband was just being the ‘wingman’ for his friend….It’s easier in the short-term to keep limping along in the marriage.If you don’t trust your husband because you believe he’s cheating on you, read 11 Signs of a Cheater.“On our cell phone bill, we were charged over usage charges due to too many text messages,” says P.

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