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Anthony Callea and Campbell had to go to New Zealand to get married, because same-sex marriage is banned in Australia.Anthony Callea also added that he doesn’t really care whether the Australian government recognizes his marriage with Campbell or not, but they are legally married and have a marriage certificate, and that’s all that matters. ✌️✌️ So much damn fun with the team and partners from @MYOB last night - celebrating great success. Tomorrow at pn @Rove will be launching @Sat Night Rove on @Channel10AU. #About Last Night - When your husband crashes your gig after 8 hours of drinking and steals the mic.... #carryingyourhusband #metephorforlife instagram.com/p/B10VABAjt MB/… Hey @Virgin Australia - you know I like you guys, but your management are making it difficult to keep the good vibes. flyers are given dud deals - as are your employees wanting to offer good service - do you have a high management contact open to suggestions?At the moment Anthony and I are pretty happy and I’m not getting clucky.

1 in 11 years, after his self-titled album debuted in first place in 2005.

What was the inspiration behind doing a disco album? I love the show but it’s a weird decision from people in suits who get paid lots of money.

It’s quite funny – when I do perform with my band, the [disco songs] never fail. I just loved having a gay couple on the show, they were such a good couple.

So I’m sure there will be musical critics who will hate it, but this album is not for them. And probably in the past few years – except for House Husbands – I’ve probably sung more than I’ve acted. I just thought why not see [Tom and Kane] break up on television, rather than just [Tom] disappear. The way they wrote it was a really good representation.

It’s for people who love those classic melodies from back in our day. How long have you and your partner, Anthony, been together now? [Laughs] It’s a great relationship; we are lucky we get each other.

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