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Mobilization for war began at MIT more than a year before the declaration.

Military training was mandated for all fit male students.

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The office of the president was small in 1930, and the president made virtually all administrative decisions.

The registrar, bursar, dean of undergraduate students, dean of graduate students, and director of admissons were the administrative officers assisting the president and each reported directly to him.

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The positions of registrar, bursar, director of admissions, librarian, dean of undergraduate students, and dean of the graduate school were retained and the incumbents reported directly to the president and vice president.Army, Navy, and National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) war research contracts totalled nearly million during academic year 1940-1941.The president's office was one of the first offices affected by these changes--it felt a manpower shortage long before the draft was instituted.The plan was adopted by the Corporation in March 1932.Three administrative levels were implied in the plan: president; vice president; and deans and administrative officers.

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