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In Scotland, you can choose whether to pay rent to your landlord yourselves or have it paid directly.In Northern Ireland your rent is automatically paid to your landlord but you can choose to pay it yourselves.You will then be able to chat with a randomly chosen stranger.Every time you hit the "Next" button, another unknown person will appear on your screen and you will be able to start chatting together.There might be some things you’ll need to do differently when you’re on Universal Credit and you might need to make some changes.Perhaps you get paid weekly or do your budget weekly.In England and Wales, if you get help with your rent, you’ll get an amount for housing costs in your single monthly payment.

This is because Universal Credit is based on household income and you can’t claim Universal Credit and tax credits at the same time.

So if your partner runs up an overdraft on a joint bank account, you’ll also be responsible for paying it off.

For more things to consider when you’re deciding whether to manage your money together, see our guide Should you manage money jointly or separately?

Instead, you will both need to make a joint claim for Universal Credit.

As soon as you make the claim, the tax credits will stop and you might have to think about how you’ll manage for money until you get your first joint Universal Credit payment.

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In Northern Ireland, Universal Credit works differently. In Scotland, you might be offered some choices about how your Universal Credit is paid. Universal Credit replaces some existing benefits and tax credits for people of working age who are either out of work or working and on a low income. If you fill out the online form on behalf of your spouse or partner you will need to enter their details too.

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