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The best moment in the movie, though, belongs to Christopher Plummer.

At a family picnic, he recites a love poem, "Brown Penny" by William Butler Yeats.

They got married in 1963 and kept the amalgamated name "Stockard Channing" (birth name: Susan Antonia Williams Stockard) after they divorced in 1967.1980 - 1988Stockard Channing dated businessman David Rawle.

The two got married and went their separate ways in 1988.1988 - Present Stockard Channing is dating cinematographer Daniel Gillham.

While many films leave background dancers unnamed or simply credited as something like ‘background dancer #1’ the dancers in “Grease” were named things like Bart, Bubba, Moose, and Sauce.

The singer was referenced in song Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee.

Hats off also to Elizabeth Perkins for her lively and engaging performance as a meddling sister who has nothing but the best intentions as she tries to help Sarah find happiness in an intimate relationship. The profile reads: "Voluptuous, sensuous, alluring and fun. Must love dogs." This attracts a menagerie of neurotics and losers including a middle-ager who wants a younger woman, a weeper, an arm wrestler, and a fellow who brings along his fourteen-year old daughter.Also recently forced back into the dating game is boat builder Jake Anderson (John Cusack), a very intense young man whose wife has left him. Zhivago because it mirrors his yearning for a passionate love relationship. Jake takes along his neighbor's terrier in order to fill the requirement of "must love dogs." The first encounter between these two does not go well: he is trying too hard to be clever, and she is too defensive.The West End production of Apologia was helmed by Jamie Lloyd at Trafalgar Studios last fall.Jamie Donnelly (who played Jan) was going grey when she signed up for her role, so she had to dye her locks brown so that she could play the part of a high schooler.

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It doesn't seem to bother her that dating is now riddled with the same dishonesty as advertising: false and exaggerated claims are made to beat the competition.

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