Smarter mail updating error 0x80004005

When winxp virtual machine session ends, Virtual Box renames winxp.vbox-tmp to “winxp.vbox”.

At the next session start, the described procedure repeats and winxp.vbox-prev gets overwritten with a newer version. To make sure no VB service is still running, press ctrl shift esc and check if there are active processes called Virtual and VBox Rename winxp.vbox-prev file to “winxp.vbox” and try running winxp virtual machine again.

Downgrade Virtual Box to older version Although this might sound degrading and unacceptable for some users, switching to older Virtual Box version proved to be the most effective way of solving 0x80004005 error.

But if you’ve tried everything and 0x80004005 error is still there, this might be the only solution.

Run virtual machine from outside the Virtual Box There’s been a number of cases where Virtual Box returns 0x80004005 error if you try to run virtual machine from within the Virtual Box, but if you close the program and try running virtual machine file, it works without any problem.

Before trying this method, you’ll have to remove your virtual machine from the list of virtual machines within the Virtual Box first.

To solve this problem, increase maximum allowed pagefile size or turn on System managed size option within Windows Virtual Memory settings.

If you’re not familiar with configuring virtual memory usage in Windows, follow THIS link for detail instructions.

If you encounter this error when you are updating then it is rather easy to fix the error.This situation occurs when you try to start a virtual machine session while your physical RAM memory is exhausted by running applications and the only remaining memory resource is Windows pagefile.In this situation, if maximum allowed memory usage for virtual machine exceeds maximum allowed pagefile size, you’ll probably end up with 0x80004005 error.In the most number of cases (but not always), the source of Virtual Box 0x80004005 error is related to the file name conflict between particular virtual machine configuration files.Follow the rest of this page to see how to determine if 0x80004005 error is caused by this particular situation or if not, what else you can do to FIX 0x80004005 error in VIrtual Box.

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