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Whats the point of pointing out the look of the womens breast in paradise? First of all, we thank you for getting in touch with our website and we hope that you will find it useful and beneficial.To answer your question, we would say that any critic of any text, whether it is a sacred text or a work of human literature, must pay attention in his criticism to the environment in which the text originally appeared, in terms of time, place, people and circumstances.

In english translation it says: (31) Gardens enclosed and vineyards, (32) And full-breasted'' maidens of equal age. Does it litterally mean that people in paradise will be given women with good looking breast? I dont see why it has to be said anyway,it already says in the quran that men will get married with good looking wives .The point of using this word is not to describe the size of the breasts or to note their form or shape; rather the purpose is to highlight the woman’s youthfulness. It says in Sharh Ma‘aani Shi‘r al-Mutanabbi by Ibn al-Ifleeli (vol.Ibn al-Jawzi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: The woman is a tiflah (little girl) when she is small, waleedah when she begins to walk, then a kaa‘ib when her breasts begin to appear, then a naahid when they increase in size, then ma‘sar when she reaches the age of puberty, then khawd when she reaches the age of a young woman. 1, 2/270): A young man is called shaabb and a young woman is called kaa‘ib. Imam az-Zajjaaj – who is one of the leading scholars of the Arabic language – says: The phrase “wa kawaa‘ib atraaban (translated above as: And full-breasted maidens of equal age)” means that they are all of the same age, which is the pinnacle of youth and beauty.If he does not bear this in mind, he will not be able to reach the proper understanding and correct conclusion.Based on that, we say to you that with regard to the literal translation of the word kawaa‘ib, it is the plural of the word kaa‘ib, which refers to a female with developing breasts, as it says in Majmal al-Lughah, 1/787 Ibn Faaris (may Allah have mercy on him) said: Ka‘b comes from a sound root that is indicative of a thing beginning to develop and emerge. This is the literal meaning of the word in terms of linguistic roots.

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