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And it will be those sexbots that can quantify and understand our needs and desires that will raise the most interesting human quandary of sex with tech: not mechanics, but ethics.

Specifically, does sex with a robot that can understand our physical needs constitute cheating?

Regardless, it does demonstrate a willingness among people–especially youth–to allow technology into their most intimate moments.

And it’s these people who are the reason why “smart” vibrators like the Vibease, which sets its speed according to cues from spoken erotic e-books, are finding an increasing marketplace among a population that is growing ever more comfortable–even intimate–with technology.

And there’s good news out there for the 9% who would like to: It will happen.

When I asked the adult app store Mi Kandi’s CEO Jesse Adams to postulate the not too distant future of sex and tech, he had this to say: There will be sex toy like robots that can react, listen and give you the exact pleasure you want to enhance these virtual experiences.

Sex with a vibrator that has legs and eyes and a face = cheating.

Ironically, it’s the possibility of sex with inhuman robots that reveals something very human about our concept of what sex is.

That’s almost one out of every 10 people–and those are just the ones who would admit to it.

If the chatter continues along sexual lines of conversation, Negobot tags that chatter as “allegedly pedophile” and goes into full-on gaming mode.

Now Negobot will try to titillate that chatter to keep them talking as long as possible–and hopefully get them to reveal personal details about themselves and agree to a meetup.

Negobot is a clever, indeed ingenious, use of software.

The skill at which the programmers have enabled it to accurately mimic a 14-year-old girl approaches a work of art. It knows the latest adolescent slang and pop references.

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