Single parent dating south dakota accommodating children with special dietary needs in the school

An attorney for Bentaas could not be immediately located.Her husband, Webb said, was found to be the baby’s father, but he was not charged in the case.The technique, which blends DNA analysis with traditional genealogy, has led to numerous high-profile cold case arrests, including the alleged Golden State killer.Experts at private labs take advantage of public genealogy websites such as GEDMatch, where people submit their DNA to build their own family tree or identify long-lost family members.She had the baby alone in her apartment, she told police, before driving to the South Sycamore Avenue ditch.She said she had seen the news coverage in 1981 about the baby’s funeral, attended by about 50 strangers, but that she did not want to believe that was her baby.From far away it looked like a bottle of red wine had been spilled along the icy gravel, an image Lee Litz would not soon forget.

She was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder and manslaughter and booked on 0,000 bail.In interviews, police learned that the father didn’t know about his dead child.Bentaas told police she was “young and stupid," and had kept the pregnancy a secret from family and friends, according to an affidavit cited in the Argus Leader.His daughter, Crystal Oestreich, told KSFY she grew up treating the baby like her own brother, too, accompanying her dad to the marble gravestone every so often.On Friday, they went back again, she said, and left him a sock monkey and teddy bear.

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