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In fact, before we jump into the code, why not click here to check it out yourself? Chrome creates an infinite loop by placing a scrollbar in the iframe, which resizes it, which then triggers an app resize and … Working with HTML this way in Chrome is fine if you are just injecting the HTML, but using iframes requires some tweaks to avoid scrollbars and set margins for Chrome to behave, and quite frankly I didn’t have time to do all of the tweaking for his example.First, we’ll set up the namespace Html Example { public partial class Html Host { private const string IFRAME = @""; private const string ATTR_INNER_HTML = "inner HTML"; private const string ATTR_LEFT = "left"; private const string ATTR_TOP = "top"; private const string ATTR_WIDTH = "width"; private const string ATTR_HEIGHT = "height"; private const string ATTR_VISIBILITY = "visibility"; private const string VISIBLE = "visible"; private const string HIDDEN = "hidden"; private const string PX = "px"; private Html Element _div; private double _width, _height; public static Dependency Property Host Div Property = Dependency Property.I used gradients in the background to show how it overlays the Silverlight application.Dropping in the control with a default Url looks like this: and a starting Url.Silverlight 4 now has support for installing out-of-browser application silently.The OOB can be installed on the desktop computer by using Silverlight's default install menu.

It contains an image file that is external to the XAP, so you can see how it is fetched the same way both in and out of browser.element that is overlaid on your Silverlight application.In fact, because the rendering engine is powerful enough to provide you with all of the sizing events and triggers you need, you can create a very convincing experience displaying HTML in your application – even from the browser.However the scaled icons may not look as good as if you do the scaling yourself.Notice the settings from the dialog box will be saved in a file called Out Of Browser Settings. Silverlight 4 now has support for installing out-of-browser application silently.

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