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Are there certain people who are at risk of being scammed?Despite the fact that online daters are by now probably aware of Internet and dating scams, people nevertheless still fall victim to online dating scams.Psychological techniques used by the scammers One of the devious psychological compliance techniques employed by scammers is referred to as the ‘foot in the door’ tactic (Freedman & Fraser, 1966).The foot in the door technique works by asking someone to comply firstly with a small request before eventually asking them to agree to a larger one.

Guadagno & Cialdini (2007) found that there are individual differences in the likelihood that people will succumb to online persuasion, and this is further complicated by the extent to which people feel empathy with the person trying to persuade them.The scammer will have worked on establishing a strong bond with the victim, who may begin to feel that they have fallen in love with the scammer believing them to be a genuine person.If they believe they love and care for their online romantic partner (really the scammer), then they should give or loan them money in times of emergency, and doing this prevents the victim experiencing dissonant thoughts.“She asked for money for air tickets and then some money to prove she had enough to live on while in UK.She was then arrested at customs before boarding the plane with a priceless icon and so was jailed. I declined.” These are just two quotes given by victims from our recent survey on online dating scams.

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