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While the sentence may seem light in comparison to the crime, child pornography charges are sentenced separately according to each count.Therefore, a person in Broward County who exchanges 100 images that depict a minor engaging in sexually explicit behavior may be sentenced separately on 100 counts if convicted on each one.

Juvenile court sentences may include: Adults and minors may find themselves facing charges as a result of exchanging sexually explicit text messages.Next, the lawyer will follow up to help the individual explain he legal implications of his or her sexting case and to offer counsel regarding potential legal options.No one should attempt to handle a sexting case without the benefit of a respected federal defense attorney who has a thorough understanding of this newly developing area of law.eloquently articulates many of the ideas I have personally been shouting at the endless parade of TV news reports about the “sex-crazed teen sexting trend.” Hasinoff, a communications professor a University of Colorado, Denver, points out that teens—specifically teen girls—bear the brunt of our collective anxiety about sexting.But what we should be worried about are the problems caused by people who distribute sexy photos without their creators’ consent.

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Parents should monitor teenagers’ phone usage and have serious discussions about the very real possibility of facing criminal charges as a result of exchanging sexually explicit images.

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