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"We want you to feel safe," a female police officer is telling her."That's why Detective Watts came and found you the first time, and that's why he came right back in and got you the second time." Sarah nods.As the interview winds down, the detective makes an effort at small talk. Confronted with the challenge of processing what's happened to them, that mindset can be volatile.

Then they're thrown into juvenile lockups that either don't recognize their trauma or don't have the resources to treat it. But for a brief moment, Sarah's looked promising: The system worked like it was supposed to.A housekeeper called 911 after finding bloody towels in the bathroom.Police discovered her with a 35-year-old man named Chris.AUSTIN — It's close to midnight, more than five hours since police officers came through the door of Sarah's motel room.She is just starting to pick french fries out of a fast food bag that has sat untouched in front of her.

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Then she gave him the number of a room at a Motel 6 on Interstate 35. This was the second time in 30 days Austin police had retrieved the 16-year-old from a roadside motel.

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