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Before you feel badly that these people were eventually discovered as non-entitled and had their scrip-provided patents cancelled, remember that they wouldn’t have gotten the land anyway; they maybe got 25 cents or 50 cents an acre for the right to it, when a lawyer bought Power of Attorney from them. 304) Do you know whether it was the custom to make purchase of the rights of the half-breeds after they had made their applications and before they were approved at Washington? Though the question directed to him concerned Chippewa scrip redeemed for land in the Mount Diablo meridian, i think we can assume this was the stand he took regarding all his scrip purchases: “I am forty-five years of age. and agreed to pay for the same from one and a quarter to two and a half dollars per acre. the value of which lands, respectively, I believe to be therein as stated. All you ever are likely to want to know about how both the U. Government and the half-breeds of Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc., were defrauded. It began when i spied the books recording Powers of Attorney, after seeing on some of the sales of Indian land that they were sold “by” thus-and-such “half-breed” by (or via) their attorney-in-fact, whose name would be that of one of the bigwigs mentioned in James W. An “attorney-in-fact” is someone who has acquired Power of Attorney for another party, and legally acts in that person’s stead. and to ask, demand, recover, and receive all sums of money which shall become due and owing to me by reason of the Sale of the Real Estate aforesaid. However, meantime, as ever, Bob Stansberry has been quietly working on a unique project.

A: “I think it was the general practice.” Now comes William S. I have lived in Nevada and California during the last nine years. I obtained the said scrip in good faith, never having heard the regularity and legality of its issue questioned before the location of that class of scrip was suspended by order of the General Land-Office in the year 1871.” Sworn before a Notary Public by Wm. Instead of typing up the excerpts here though, i will list the pages of the references i found most relevant to our angle on the matter; but first, here is a web address to bring you to the same version i am looking at: At first, browsing through Book A of the P of A’s, I saw many of the by-now familiar Chippewa and Sioux names, French-sounding names, giving P of A to a Jno. Giving unto my said Attorney full power to do and perform everything necessary to be done in the premises with the additional authority to substitute one under him with like power.” This was on Dec. 2 (December, 2011; #34): Petrolia Pioneer Cemetery-A Guide to the Burials; Leah Kausen obituary. It’s a map of old homesteads, cabins, and other places of significance in his neck of the woods, which is between Honeydew and Ettersburg.

Bard of Rancho Ojai, to take care of Scott’s business. In final form, the project Bob envisions has the maps copied and printed in roughly 2-foot by 2-foot squares, and the document a simple folder of several pages; but of course we can digitize this project and make it all viewable on the computer screen.

Bard was one of the wealthiest men in California, and a nephew of Scott’s; a Pennsylvania wildcatter who had come west to profit from the promising new oil fields of California. Green could do business as an attorney representing both Thomas A. 3 (Summer, 2009; #31): Gideon Cummings journal of covered-wagon trip West; Dr. Gossard tribute; Aleita Schortgen autobiography; history of restaurants/bars in the Valley. If we had some help from someone who knew their way around web-page design, and we wanted to get so 21-century, we could even make it so that if you clicked on a number on the map, you would go immediately to the matching description, and vice versa.

Bard was the first president at the formation of Unocal in 1890, due largely to the fact that he owned two of the three oil companies that merged to form the new entity. well, no need to inform you of the vast wealth, and therefore power, of such an oil company. 2 (Summer, 2008; #30): Ray Azevedo interview; Don Etter, Man on the Move (by Brian Doyle). Basically, he’s interested if there’s any history to a place from before 1980, and says that many of the old structures dated from the 1860s.Therefore, i will precede it with a little report of my own. 2 of Etter story, by Ram Fishman; 1970 Petrolia phone directory. I have promised to look up a few of the spots in Turners’ While the pilot project allows only an even-handed single line of information for each place—”just the basics or highlights”—Bob has a lot more in the way of stories that will probably go into a later update.First, especially if you don’t get the newsletter or are new to this blog or the MVHS, please go to the other tab at the top of this screen for the updated “About the MVHS and West of the Redwoods” page. 1 (Autumn, 2005; #25): Albert Etter and Brothers, Engineers in Eden; more. Using the same place numbers assigned for the initial list, it would be easy to attach new paragraphs of information, or old photos, to flesh out the history.Archer, a “Commissioner of California” at Philadelphia, “duly appointed and qualified with authority to take acknowledgments and to administer oaths and affirmations to be used … Green, his private secretary, of San Buenaventura (now Ventura County), his Power of Attorney, with the same provision granted to Theller, above, for deputizing someone below him with like power. The idea is to number each of the named spots on the topo maps, and on a document have notes for that number: dates of when the cabin or development was built, names of owners and/or occupants, and mention of any related stories, said State of California.” I guess Pennsylvania and California had a lot of shared interests then. Accordingly, soon afterward, Green shared this P of A with Thomas R. 4 (Winter, 2010; #32): Drownings in the Mattole; Chief and Nina Mathews. Some of the structures are still in evidence; others have disappeared, but are either shown as small blocks on the topo maps or were already known to Bob.

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26, 1866–after the main promise of the Mattole oil boom had failed, but yet before a good portion of Scott’s land acquisition. He’s working from the late-1960s USGS topo maps, focusing on the townships at the Township 3 South latitude.

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