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It took a decade, but by 1915 the word was getting out that the Coachella Valley was ideal for one of the world’s most ancient and beloved foods.Today, the valley is responsible for more than 95 percent of the date production in the United States.Granted, a lot of the 15-minute slideshow (Floyd initially showed it in the date garden, but it is now screened in the “Romance Room”) deals with the complicated, time-consuming, and physically exhausting process of date farming.For instance, because date palms have to be worked manually, date ranchers must climb each tree (some of which grow up to 70 feet) at least six times per year to perform tasks such as pruning and hand pollinating.Urban dwellers who didn’t know a plow horse from a whorehouse were suddenly on their way to get rich off the land. When Father Junipero Serra and his Franciscan brothers conquered California for God and Spain, they brought with them seeds and cuttings to grow grapes, wheat, figs, and dates.And the exotic fruit that would rain down like pennies from heaven was dates. While the descendants of those original date palms populate the state, the missions where they were planted were too near the coast to be productive." data-medium-file=" w=360" data-large-file=" w=826" /" data-medium-file=" w=360" data-large-file=" w=826" / Salton Sea " data-medium-file=" w=360" data-large-file="

In those days, residents and visitors were inexplicably pretending to be a remnant of the Wild West, and so the first 10 years of the festival had a rather incongruous cowboys-and-dates theme. Floyd Shields needed a gimmick and he needed one fast.

Did they imagine lying in hammocks during the desert’s temperate months, watching the profits swaying above them amid the palm fronds?

The discovery of the huge desert aquifer, stretching from the base of the San Jacinto Mountains to the Salton Sea, and the nutrient-rich soil set off a mini land rush when people discovered they could buy 5-acre parcels with just walking-around money.

The one exception was San Ignacio in Baja California, an arid region that provided optimal conditions.

Agricultural entrepreneurs tried the experiment again during the Gold Rush, speculating that dates would be the perfect food to feed prospectors looking for the next mother lode.

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