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I only got the dresser back after I can’t when to magistrate’s Court to fight him for it.

He now is married to her with two other kids and signed a way his rights to my son before he even took the chance to bond with my son he would rather have the trailer trash then to help with his own son they live off the system 0 worth of food stamps and a three bedroom four-bedroom double wide modular home while they going vacations and I so go to get by on disability.

This woman still claims I don’t even call her a woman she’s trailer trash toothless trailer trash at that still claims to this day that she did not know about me yet she saw me with him giving him hugs and kisses those of which you would know that we were together and not just friends but to save her own nasty a55 she claims I didn’t know about them. Just write me over this community, I can send you my address and any other conditions. They havn't any intercourse with hot girls or sporty men. Meet me for a whole evening and enjoy premium escort service. Register free »A lot of people in Blacksburg satisfy their sexual longings in using bad videos or films.I am from Blacksburg and work for a serious business. Many amateur hookers from Blacksburg are waiting for you in our community and help you every day in the privacy of your home to find a sweet pussy.In my spare time I love to meet some men for having paid sex. Do you love watching horny vagina shows or hot whores who need your dig for getting happy?

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So you see they both live off the system but the thing that hurts the most is the fact that my son to this day at seven and a half almost eight years old asked me why doesn’t his dad have anything to do with him and I don’t have the heart to tell him that he has three other children that he does for that my son is the only one that he refuses to claim or do anything for and this hore has no problem with him disowning his son if she was a real woman she wouldn’t want to be with a man who abandoned his own son.

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