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// If the mouse is moved to the upper left-hand // corner, the tool tip would disappear because of // calling Cancel Tool Tips.

void CMy Edit:: On Mouse Move(UINT n Flags, CPoint point) Pointer to an alternate window relative to which it will be centered (other than the parent window).

But when I enter something into the field m_Dsm Path does not have anything.

I assigned a variable (m_Dsm Path) using "Add Variable" and CString/Value.

Called by the framework to retrieve the child element or child object at a given point on the screen.

This function is part of MFC's Active Accessibility support.If the pop-up window is not owned, it is centered relative to the screen.To center a window relative to a specific window which is not the owner or parent, the in the Clipboard-viewer chain. Selects (places a check mark next to) or clears (removes a check mark from) a button, or it changes the state of a three-state button.For more information, see IAccessible::acc Hit Test in the Windows SDK.Called by the framework to retrieve the specified object's current screen location.

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, then add member variables to the derived class to store data specific to your application.

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