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And the discovery of fossil DNA hundreds of meters down confirms the younger age.

How can DNA that originated at the sea surface persist at great depths?

The North American and Eurasian Plates are moving away from each other along the line of the Mid Atlantic Ridge.One summary paper available on the project website says, The sediments are generally highly bioturbated.However, fine-scale lamination preserving alternations between millimeter scale laminae of biogenic and terrigenous material are also present at several of the drilled sites.The Ridge extends into the South Atlantic Ocean between the South American and African Plates.The ocean ridge rises to between 2 to 3 km above the ocean floor, and has a rift valley at its crest marking the location at which the two plates are moving apart.

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In the 1940s and 1950s echo sounding was used to get a more detailed picture of the ocean floor.

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