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Please consider how your profile text impacts others on SCRUFF.” Is that really going to persuade a white supremacist to edit out “No Asians” or “No blacks” or get so-called “rice queens” or “chocolate queens” to rethink the boundaries of their attraction?

One month later, the new SCRUFF looks and acts a lot like the old one. A better move would be removing the Most Woof’d grids entirely or replacing one of them with something more inclusive and all-encompassing.The only way to make SCRUFF a different kind of gay app is by making it a different kind of gay app.That means making it about more than hooking up and scoring as expediently as possible by banishing all the types and ethnicities you don’t want from your line of vision.In addition to no longer requiring users to reveal their “Ethnicity” in order to unlock SCRUFF’s special features (like more guys on the “NEARBY” grid), paying subscribers who want to filter certain races out of their “NEARBY” options first have to reveal their own “Ethnicity.” In other words, you can’t see what “Ethnicity” box others have ticked unless you tick one first.By relaxing one “Ethnicity” requirement, the app has actually strengthened another one.

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