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When they arrived in Beacon Hills, she made friends with Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore, Stiles Stilinski and became romantically involved with Scott Mc Call.Her aunt, Kate Argent had revealed the family secret and she learned of her boyfriend's werewolf nature.During a skirmish with Oni, Allison is mortally wounded and, in Scott's arms, confesses that she still loved him before dying.Allison moves to Beacon Hills and gets caught up in family secrets and the supernatural.When they returned to Beacon Hills, they tried to put their hunting days behind them.However, the emergence of The Alpha Pack and the Darach had them fight once more.

- not being too overprotective but still keeps an eye out for you when you go on 'missions' with the pack.

In the season finale, Sheriff Stilinski discovers it on Kate's dead body, closing the Hale Arson Conspiracy case.

The necklace appears again in Season 3 during a flashback in Motel California when Alexander Argent shot himself so that he would not become a werewolf.

Her father was over-protective while Allison had a bit of a rebellious streak.

Allison struggled with her self-confidence and berated herself every time she felt helpless and weak.

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