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The usual mechanism for this passes the SAML response certifying the user’s identity through the web browser, using a signature to prevent tampering.Unfortunately, many SAML consumers don’t validate responses properly, allowing attacks up to and including full authentication bypass.

While all attacks described here can be carried out without many tools, SAML Raider, a Burp proxy plugin, is a useful tool for testing the common cases.We’ve recently noticed a trend with a lot of New Zealand sites wanting to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) to combat the proliferation of passwords, including many government services.The most prevalent standard for doing this, providing interoperability between many vendors’ frameworks and multiple languages, is SAML 2.0.In fact, I could just entirely forge the response, become Emmanuel, and impersonate him.Of course, the authors of the standard aren’t lax enough to let that slip past them – they’ve tried very hard to fix this problem.

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As described above, signatures can appear in various places within the SAML message and cover various parts of the message.

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