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Lindos Acropolis rises above the modern village ,a natular citadel which was fortified successively by Greeks , Romans , Buzantines , Khights of St. A donkey ride for the children and fun will take you to the Acropolis that sits on a hill at the top of the village.The acropolis offers spectacular views of the surrounding harbours and coastline.On the acropolis of Lindos today you will see momuments from ancient Greek Art and Αrcitecture such us.The Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, dating from about 300 BC, built on the site of an earlier temple.The result of intense pirate activity and against the Ottoman , with the activities of the Knights of St John, the island has a remarkable number of castles and fortresses of which many have survived.The seven principal ones are at Rodos Town, Archangelos, Feraklos, Lindos, Asklipios, Monolithos and Kritinia.

Other castles were located at Apolakia, Lahania, Katavia, Apollona, Salakos, Fanes and Filerimos.

John the Baptist and John the Evangelist (Polish: Katedra Św.

Jana Chrzciciela i Jana Ewangelisty or in short: Katedra Świętojańska) is one of the oldest churches of the former Teutonic state, a monument to Toruń’s greatest glory and a mine of art objects. The construction work, which lasted for 200 years, was initiated in the mid-13th century, yet the church was given its present form – a high three-aisle hall with side chapels and porches - in the mid-15th century.

Access to the castle is by a staircase cut into the rock and you can visit the chapel of Saint Panteleon.

There are also some old cisterns, which were used to collect water and supply the area.

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