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Without thinking, we gave up our badges for the cute kids. Then a few minutes later, a repeat of the 'are you sure text, followed by another 'f***ing c***' text, followed by another apology.The following Monday I heard the following radio announcement 'Aintree Racecourse have confirmed that anyone with a badge for Saturday's Grand National can send it in for a full refund'. She wasn't a beautician, she was on a course learning about painting nails. Thankfully she came to her senses and sent me a really re-assuring text 'Sorry about that, I have some anger management issues, but they're getting sorted out, sorry again'. After five days I counted over 500 texts from Angie. As an aside, a group of friends and I were at Aintree for the Grand National and the IRA decided it was good sport to tell everyone that there was a bomb there. We were evacuated from the Champagne guzzling members area to the centre of the course.After an hour or so it became apparent that nothing was going to happen that day, so we headed back across the fields in to Liverpool.We study Germany—a country with pronounced local‐level variation in inheritance customs—and find that municipalities that historically equally apportioned wealth, to this day, elect more women into political councils and have fewer aristocrats in the social elite.Using historic data, we point to two mechanisms: wealth equality and pro‐egalitarian preferences.Their goal was to empower women and to disenfranchise the noble class.But do equal inheritances succeed in leveling the societal playing field?

Far more insidious, however, are the lies we women tell ourselves.But unfortunately, this “truth” can become a myth, when we use it to dismiss the importance of looking our best when it comes to attracting men.In addition to diet and exercise, this includes making an extra effort to look pulled together, feminine and sexy. Your long legs, dazzling décolletage, or silky tousled hair may be the lure that leads him to contemplate and fall in love with your amazing personality. We’ve been fed this line ever since we came home crying about Johnny’s spitballs in 3 grade.5) It doesn’t matter what night he wants to see you — Thursday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, whatever – only THAT he wants to see you.You may want to believe it’s not important whether he asks you for Saturday or not – but he knows the importance, believe me. “None of the guys go steady, ‘cuz it wouldn’t be right to leave your best girl home on a Saturday night.” On the other end of the spectrum, Roissy tells men to “train women to have low expectations for seeing you on prime [EXPLETIVE] hunting nights.” If he’s not seeing you on Saturday, he’s seeing someone else – or looking for someone he WOULD want to see on Saturdays, and every other day, in perpetuity.

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