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In the early days, everything your date says and does can take on monumental importance.You may envy the easy familiarity and relaxed way of being together that long-term couples enjoy.Some couples break up when their vision clears and they realize that all is not perfect.Others move into a phase of getting to know each other better, notes relationship author Christian Carter in an article for e Be the best version of who you are, and be proud of that.If you are down on yourself due to stress, a recent event or general anxiety, you might be too vulnerable to be in a relationship.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are, but you should have something you care about that enriches your life.

Don’t agree to a hookup if you know you'll get hurt.

Know what matters to you, and don’t accept anything less than what you want. This is the most important, but also the most feared step.

Even on Tinder (the supposed downfall of our generation), more people say they're looking for a relationship than a hookup.

There’s no magic formula or crazy trick to finding a relationship. But there are some things you can do to improve your odds of playing for keeps: Do you have interests (beyond drinking and “The Bachelor”)?

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