Relationship between online dating personality characteristics

Having similar views, interests and values can be quite helpful in a romantic relationship, but let’s be honest—compatibility is not just about sharing all and having lots of things in common.It’s also about complementing each other by respecting and accepting our differences. So, a way to improve our relationship compatibility and acknowledge both our differences and similarities is learning about each other’s personality types, and referring to personality psychology.

Personality traits allow more flexibility and broader categorization of personalities.

Your personality doesn’t just affect your romantic sphere, but also your daily interactions with other people.

Before we dig deeper into personality psychology, there are a few different concepts to consider.

Traits focus on the continuum and not on complete opposites (multiple traits can be found in varying degrees in a person).

One of the founding approaches in the study of traits is Gordon Allport’s trait theory.

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Allport used empirical methods to organize traits into three levels: cardinal traits, central traits and secondary traits.

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