Racial preferences in dating review of economic studies

This obsession over white people always annoys the piss out of me.Lol I don't suffer from a particular problem, therefore people that do should suffer from it are wrong to have the feelings that they do.As a guy I don't want to use the word toxic but man those 2 asian subreddit are not a place I want to hang around. It is true we asian men do have it tougher than white men (im not going to compare asians to other non-other races, im sure they go through their own difficulties), a lot of these guys just don’t want to look deeper into themselves instead, they’re being lazy about it.It seem like they just operate in a small corridor of what is it been to be Asian in living in western world and if you don't meet that definition they won't accept you. Maybe it might just be the guy’s looks, or lack of personality, out of shape, short (while i think it sucks that short guys get stigmatized by a lot of women, this is unfortunately the reality), etc.

I’m a korean dude, and i still go on dates and get laid, both with white women and other races. There's a lot of complaining, whining, playing the victim card.While it is tougher for asian guys than white, a lot of my fellow asian men just chalk it up to them not getting laid because they’re asian.How about you stop complaining and do something to make yourself desirable?I can say now that my former lack of sexual experience was NOT a race thing, and in non-dating situations I can’t think of a specific instance where I was fucked over because of my race. Too many dudes, especially non-white dudes, have colorist hang ups over white women.They aren't the end all, be all of feminine beauty or attractiveness.

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