I have already fucked my friend’s girlfriend once and she has 2 kids.

I thought of fucking her hard from the beginning and take all the juice from her body.

Wow her pussy was surrounded by huge bushes of hair and her pussy was hardly visible through it.

I spread her legs, rubbed her pussy, applied my saliva on the doors of her pussy, placed my cock on the pussy opening and fucked her.

I rubbed it on her cleavage over her pants and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

I immediately held her neck and kissed her tight I opened her mouth and put my tongue in and drank all her saliva.

I with some fear of getting slapped said if you don’t mind. There is no one at home now and it’s raining outside. She removed my hands from her mouth, stood up and walked out.

I was excited to the peak and my cock stood up hard and stiff.I then came out of my pants and underwear by taking my legs out of it.I pushed her on the bed untied the knots in her pant with my teeth and removed it in a flash.I pushed her to the wall and kissed and bit her boobs over her salwar.It was soft and spongy and to my amusement she was not wearing a bra.

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