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The login form is developed using Visual C# and selecting the corresponding Windows Forms Application.The selected work area could be saved in this stage by giving desired form name in Name text area.Element By Id('flarum-loading').style.display = 'none'; var app = System.get('flarum/app').default; var modules = ["locale","Davis\/Custom Footer\/main","Davis\/Secure Https\/main","Davis\/Social Profile\/main","vingle\/share\/social\/main","flarum\/akismet\/main","flarum\/approval\/main","flarum\/emoji\/main","flagrow\/byobu\/main","flagrow\/canned-messages\/main","flagrow\/impersonate\/main","flagrow\/upload\/main","flarum\/flags\/main","flarum\/likes\/main","flarum\/lock\/main","flarum\/mentions\/main","flarum\/sticky\/main","flarum\/subscriptions\/main","flarum\/suspend\/main","flarum\/tags\/main"]; for (var i in modules) app.boot({"resources":[{"type":"forums","id":"1","attributes":{"title":"PHPBuilder Forums","description":"The energetic, vibrant community of developers that are passionate and dedicated to sharing and learning more about PHP.","show Language Selector":true,"base Url":"https:\/\/","base Path":"","debug":true,"api Url":"https:\/\/\/api","welcome Title":"Welcome to the PHPBuilder Forums!I have designed a login form in Visual Studio 2015 using Windows Form Application with C# code, wherein the username and password get validated at the entry level and would deny entry for users who have unauthenticated credentials.

If the REQUEST_METHOD is POST, then the form has been submitted - and it should be validated.I have brought the following tools inside my form - label (4 nos), textbox (2 nos), button (2 nos), and picturebox (1).Picturebox is included in login form to add creativity and it displays the corresponding pictures for users who will be logging into the system.Next stage is for converting the tools brought inside the form into meaningful interactives.Tools are named according to their usage by right clicking on any tool and then selecting Properties.

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