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In 1542, Spain created the Viceroyalty of Peru, comprising most of South America except Brazil.

Peru’s indigenous population declined drastically during the early period of colonization as a result of European disease epidemics.

After a winning an important defensive battle in Ollantaytambo in 1537, Manco Inca retreated to the outpost of Vilcabamba deep in the jungle where the neo-Inca state remained until 1572.

In 1541, Pizarro was assassinated in Lima by his former associate Diego Almagro.

Archaeology majors can work at Huaca Pucllana, a pre-Incan site (700 AD) that is under excavation today – and all students can learn about and appreciate Peru’s unique history.

Much of Peru’s coast is arid desert, but many of its valleys are watered by glacial rivers and streams flowing down the western slopes of the Andes.

Conquered peoples were obligated to provide labor and tribute to the imperial capital in Cusco.As part of the required Peruvian Social Reality course, students contribute time to a local NGO focused on a range of areas including social justice, human rights, gender issues and sustainable development.Peru is home to ancient cultures dating back thousands of years.But it wasn’t until 1438, under the reign of Pachacutec, that the empire began to expand on a larger scale with new areas incorporated through conquest, coercion, or alliance.Machu Picchu was constructed in 1450 as a royal estate for Pachacutec and his lineage.

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