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Stassi recently spoke out about Patrick’s behavior on the season finale, admitting he definitely came off badly.LISA VANDERPPUMP TALKS AWKWARD SCENE WITH “TWIT” PETER!Of course, this hurt her ex Jax’s ears, but he said he was happy for her.So, who is the guy who has captured the heart of Stassi Schroeder? Read on for all the facts on the couple, as well as all the details on Meagher.reunion, host Andy Cohen asks Scheana about her split from Rob, and she gets quite emotional as she explains how he dumped her two weeks after filming ended.ROB VALLETTA REVEALS BIGGEST COMPLAINT ABOUT SCHEANA!Chloe is also in the entertainment biz, working for so Stassi may want to start googling to do some ex-girlfriend “research”.

Meagher and Schroeder got acquainted over Twitter and Schroeder ended up moving to New York with her man a couple years ago. You don’t try to fit into my life enough, and we keep fighting, and I can’t handle breaking up all the time …

“Patrick looked like the biggest douche,” said Stassi.

“When you are so deep in something, and we were on and off for four years, that’s a really long time. Watching it back is crazy.” Stassi has since moved on and has been dating new boyfriend Beau Clark since February.

The above photo features Stassi and Patrick posing with Stassi’s mother and grandmother.

Patrick Meagher doesn’t have a lot of personal information about himself online and he tries to keep things a bit private, but there was a point when he brought an ex-girlfriend named Chloe on his radio show.

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