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A: A terrorpist." Q: What is Al Qaida now learning after Osama Bin Laden's death?

A: youseen memuff Q: What do Muslim men do during foreplay? Q: How do you get an Arabian prince to fall in love with you?

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When I was a young kid in elementary school and me and my brother got the looney tunes golden collection, which was some sort of anniversary dvd set.

Q: A muslim, a socialist, and a communist walk into a bar.

If we don't remember then we'll end up doing it again and that ain't the life I'm trying to lead.

They also often call them "orientals." And they like to talk about 3 categories of people: foreigners, Americans... Also, openly calling people a "Jew" or a "goddam Jew" is very common.

Lots of Vietnamese people where I work, and my boss' was walking around with a metal cone on his head doing the squinting-bucktooth face and saying "chingy-chong ching" and all that, and everyone just laughed. All you can do is set a better example though, I guess.

one by Sir William Kirkaldy of Grange, one probably by Nicol Burne ...

Twelve are admittedly by Robert Sempill, three by Sir John Maitland of Thirlstane, three by John Davidson ...

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