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During this time, I played the Taiko convert of two maps.Once the servers recovered, I left the client open so both scores could submit.I tried redoing the score, but the SS count stayed the same.I tried doing the same score without PF, no change.On top of PPv2's pure spacing, angles, and a basic account of patterns are taken into account.

track and allows you to interact with it through in-game pm.

if you're in EU, please let me know if this has improved the situation for you, and if not, your country / location.

About 8 hours ago, there was a relatively extended period of time where scores were not able to be submitted.

track updater is an IRC-based bot that interfaces with osu!

Your stats are updated and recorded every time you either visit your profile page on this site or send the ! Any terms in [brackets] should be replaced with another term depending on what you're looking for. Views basic information about either you (no arguments) or another user (supply username).

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The score on Endless Harmony was the first to submit, but I noticed that it didn't appear on my profile anywhere, including the SS count, except in the "Recent Plays" section.

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