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Once the breakpoint hits I’m stuck back in the debugger and never get a chance to right-click in the toolbar!This is overcome with a simple conditional on the breakpoint.” Who is responsible for setting those damn check marks, anyway?From the Simple Toolbar project, I first launched and confirmed that the check marks show up as expected.Take a look at the pic below to see what I mean (you can click it to see a larger version; you’re seeing the demo app included in the download). It’s why I do this, after all (and you thought it was sheer altruism, hah).There are a bunch of different constructors available, but in most cases you’ll specify a point (either in an existing window, or on screen) at which to attach the window, what side of the point the window should attach to (there are 12 options, plus an “automatic” setting which tries to position the attached window sensibly), and what view to show in the window.Take a look at the sample app to see more about how it works.Download, as ever, from the Cocoa Source Code page.

” Because of the aforementioned complication that there are many types of NSAppearance, that they can be nested, etc., it’s not possible to simply compare the current appearance with a named appearance.A nice side-effect of centralizing this code in one place, is eliminating the need to include those checks at every call point.This helper method is handy for working with NSAppearance instances, but in some contexts what I really want to know is bluntly: is this app running in dark mode or not?It’s a sick little behind-the-scenes game that fortunately we don’t have to see much of.So why isn’t validate User Interface Item: called in app?

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