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The Court of Appeal in a majority judgement has carefully examined the evidence and arguments …Read Taking Catholicism forward I must say it’s pretty frustrating to be lumped in as a supporter of Cardinal George Pell when you had your first public run-in with him in the mid-1980s, long before most people had ever heard …Peter Drew’s posters can be seen on streets throughout Australia, throwing down a challenge to passers-by to consider our national identity.

“You’ve got to approach it with curiosity and the possibility that you might be wrong. You can’t forgo that possibility and bathe in the certainty of your convictions. The Australian model responds to a magazine profile in which she spoke about the misrepresentation of African–Australian models in the Australian media.But the federal government is doing little else, reluctant to put its long-promised surplus at risk.The University of Queensland and the Ramsayites, after a lot of fumbling and frottage, finally got into bed together.“One big reason the wages of working Australians are stagnating is that the owners of capital in this country have grown lazy and greedy, short-sighted and risk averse.Josh Frydenberg did not put it in such blunt terms this week, but the implication was clear.” As the country faces stagnant wage growth, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has asked Australian companies to stop returning profits to wealthy shareholders.

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