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In fact, it’s just one of 237 reasons humans hook up, according to a recent University of Texas study. Here are the top 15 reasons she sleeps with you, and how to, ahem, encourage her along.

Although you don’t need a white coat to explain why you love sex, her motivations for sealing the deal often seem rather . You’re a Good Kisser Your move: So what if you’re not a hormonal 16-year-old.

She Wants to Please You Your move: If you’re striving for the Big O, start with the Big C: communication.“If she’s self-conscious about her butt, and you say, ‘You have a great, round butt,’ she hears fat, not great.” When it comes to her sensitive spots, stick to universal compliments like, “Your butt looks great in those jeans.” Related: Get These Sexy Gifts for the Nice Girl on Your List She’s in a Romantic Setting Your move: You know the old cliché: Whisk her away to an exotic location, and you’re sure to score.That’s probably true, but not for the reasons you may think.You’re never too old for a steamy makeout session—in fact, a well-executed kiss could be your golden ticket to the main event.According to a recent study in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, women are far less likely than men to have sex with a bad kisser. Not so fast, cowboy—her definition of a stellar smooch may differ from yours.

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  1. The truth is, there is a lot of competition out there—especially if you’re a woman dating over 40. Include: I know about a lot of things, but a physicist I’m not.

  2. If my 8-year-old niece saw this ad, I would be horrified that she would associate animals' rights with her not being O. Proving that she who laughs last laughs loudest, this call to action came from Montreal: Don't you see what's really going on here?!