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I cleaned up my mess and went about my day but I couldn't quit thinking about my sons big cock and the way he'd talked to his mom while shooting his cum.I got curious about the video of me and when I checked my webcam, it was aimed at my bed.

I guess I've let myself go a little since then, I shave my legs once a week, I've totally quit shaving my pussy, I now wear glasses and I pretty much always have a ponytail. with brown hair, brown eyes and a nice ass with big boobs. About a month ago Michael got into some trouble at school and I was afraid he wouldn't graduate.

When I got in my room, I noticed the little lite on the webcam was on.

As I went to the bathroom, I was out of veiw of the webcam and I could see that my computer was on, but the monitor was turned off.

I could tell he was getting close to cumming and I wanted to see how much cum those big balls could make.

As he got closer he closed his eyes and started to moan "oh mom, I love fucking your hairy pussy" "fuck me mom" and "here it comes mom" as he started shooting long spurts of cum everywhere.

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When I check his "favorites", I found one that said "65 Mustang" so I clicked on it and found myself looking at a naked woman my age in bed with a naked boy Michaels age.

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