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I crave “true love” and friendships with deep, profound connections.Yet I shy away from group gatherings and of course, the ever-dreaded small talk.(What’s your personality type?These reasons aren’t exclusive to the INFJ personality type, but I believe INFJs (and other sensitive introvert types) will especially relate. As natural people-pleasers, we never want to make anyone feel “put out” and will go to great lengths to ensure this doesn’t happen. Since the INFJ is very intuitive, observing others’ nonverbal cues and habits allows us to better understand what makes them tick before we approach them.In large social gatherings, INFJs might be found “faking busy” by fidgeting through their phone, playing with the dog, standing next to the snacks, or stuck like glue to the one person they feel most at ease with.

Although more patient and forgiving than many other personality types, as conflict builds up, even peace-loving INFJs will eventually explode, potentially leading to the INFJ’s distinctive trait of door-slamming.Anything to hide the fact that many of us feel incredibly uncomfortable surrounded by large groups of people. well, at least not We tend to ruminate over what we will say and how others will respond, until we either land on the perfect line or retreat in exhaustion.Even when INFJs make a new acquaintance, we’re likely to have difficulty moving beyond that stage. I have a small group of people who I consider to be close friends, and an even smaller group (only two or three people) that I feel I can truly be “just me” around.True to INFJ behavior, I keep most of my thoughts, opinions, dreams, and feelings to myself.

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